D E S E R T   E X C U R S I O N

An adventurous drive in rugged four wheel jeeps where one will scramble and climb over dunes and higher crests. As small convoy vehicles track up and down the dunes, invariably getting stuck, part of the fun is 'digging out' and enjoying the soft sand under your feet before you are back in the car and off again. Desert drives wind through the dunes and 'streets', (the valleys between dunes). A gentle drive (about an hour and a half) through the terrain is a great way to cover the distances needed to find the free-roaming wildlife herds. The delicate desert gazelles wander freely across the plains and dunes, often dipping to drink within this conservation-led sanctuary resort - come upon them in the dunes or pick them out where they are well-camouflaged amongst trees and shrubs. Stop for photo opportunities, pointing out animals and tracks, or focusing on specific interests you may have, as well as pointing out some of the many bird species or lucky encounters with rarer inhabitants

C A M E L   T R E K

Thar desert in Jaisalmer offers exciting opportunities for camel safari. The sprawling sea of sand dotted with numerous tiny villages and distinctive variety of flora and fauna make Thar one of the most mysterious regions in the country. Camel has been the lifeline of the people in the desert for centuries, helping them to get across the land in the extremely difficult weather conditions. Tourists today can become a part of those ancient caravans and experience the same thrill and excitement that people in the desert used to during the ancient times. Jaisalmer Dunes offers exciting opportunities for camel safari along with cultural performances and traditional meals. The option of venturing into the country and the interiors on our Camel Safari gives our guest a chance of interacting and mingling directly with different tribes. These are the hard and rugged people of Rajasthan braving the odds of the harsh desert with a smile… always happy to welcome guests to their homes. Imagine being away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities in a land totally untouched by modernisation. These are just some of the high points of a camel safari adventure. While on Safari one also gets to see desert wildlife like Chinkara, Blue Bull, Desert fox, etc. not to mention the large variety of birds!

E X C L U S I V E   D I N N E R

It is said that in Rajasthan, to dine like Kings is the only way to dine. The Kacchi Kerry restaurant serves Rajasthan's cuisine and beverages, which are prepared and served in traditional style.

Arrive at Seven Palms Desert Camp, where tea/coffee is offered before proceeding for a ride on camel/camel cart or jeep to watch the sunset.

After sunset, reach to exclusive dinner site to be welcomed in traditional style. Our local chef provides meals using ingredients fresh from local markets. Dinner is prepared in the style of a traditional Rajasthan's home delicately flavored and accompanied with Indian breads and pickles. Dining under the light of the moon and star. We usually all eat together sharing our stories and experiences, but we set up individual tables in private locations too….

Experience an open-air location with the magical sight of celestial stars above you. The open-air restaurant is an ideal venue for theme and mashaal dinners and has breath-taking views. Enjoy local musician performance with cultural dance meanwhile team serves you veg and non-veg appetizers, followed by dinner is been served in Rajasthani Thali/buffet.

After dinner, jeeps are ready to take back guest to Seven Palms Desert Camp to proceed to their respective hotel.


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